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Why should I feed my koi probiotic foods?

medikoi probiotic growth food

Medikoi Probiotic is a NEW multi-season food, scientifically formulated to significantly improve digestion and nutrient uptake resulting in very low waste and an all-round improvement in colour, growth and health.

The highest quality ingredients in Medikoi Probiotic make the food extremely palatable and digestible. Not only does the food provide the beneficial probiotic bacteria for Koi but it contains a food for the beneficial bacteria too in the form of a prebiotic (fructo-oligosaccharide). This combination ensures a vigorous population of gut bacteria and digestive enzymes which over time results in a vastly improved ability to absorb nutrients, optimizes body mass gain and massively reduces waste. Allow up to 6 weeks for noticeable results and continue feeding to enjoy the benefits of Medikoi Probiotic.

The nutritional balance of Medikoi Probiotic enables this 38% protein diet to be fed over a much larger range of temperatures, down to as low as 5°C and still provide favourable improvements. The quality of the probiotics result in efficient nutrient uptake at even these low temperatures. The oil has been vacuum coated to prevent a surface film occurring and to ensure all the oil is used for energy to better utilize protein for body mass gain.

To complete Medikoi Probiotic two of the most powerful colour enhancers have been included, spirulina and astaxanthin. Natural spirulina is rich in carotenoids and minerals which are proven to be the most effective means of improving Hi (the red colour in Koi).Astaxanthin is easily assimilated by Koi and so requires less energy to convert it into the desired colours.

To ensure good standards are met, Medikoi Probiotic is packed in a non-humid environment to prevent unwanted moisture entering the product and eliminate the need for silica gel sachets – more commonly found in imported foods which are manufactured in countries with very high humidity and have to travel long distances. Medikoi Probiotic Koi food, a 6 mm floating pellet, is available in 2 sizes: 1.75kg in a resealable, UV proof, black foil bag and 10kg in a resealable, UV proof, black bucket.

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