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Pond Plants

A beautiful addition to any pond or water feature, pond plants play an essential role in the ecosystem and environment of your pond by oxygenating the water and providing sunshade for your fish.

Shirley Aquatics provide all the information you need to help you choose the right plants for your pond. This includes maximum height, spread and depth to ensure that you can make an informed choice. Plants can establish very quickly, but you will need to plant enough to create a balanced and healthy ecosystem. Ensure you research pond planting positioning before you make your purchase and don’t forget to browse our pond pump selection to find the perfect pump for your filtration set up that can help you keep your pond algae and waste free.

From marginals and deep water marginal plants to floating pond plants, water lilies and oxygenating plants, you will be sure to find exactly what you need to make your garden pond look gorgeous!

Please note that our pond plant stocks do vary, especially during the winter months. We recommend calling us on 0121 744 1300 or get in touch to confirm what we have in store before placing your order or coming into our store.

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