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Evolution Aqua – How do I Stop Blanketweed?

The development of Stop Blanketweed

When Evolution Aqua introduced Stop Blanketweed their main objective was to provide a complete solution to combat blanket weed that was safe and caused no harm to fish. The product we have on the market today does exactly what they set out to achieve!

Every Koi keeper and pond owner knows how much of a nuisance blanket weed is. It is a long, thin filamentous algae that can block filters, pumps and pipes, and generally makes your pond look unsightly.

There are many reasons why blanket weed develops in fish ponds, but basically if the algae has exposure to enough nutrients in your pond, in combination with enough sunlight, then it will grow and grow and grow.

It would be natural to assume that by reducing the amount of nutrients in your pond and providing a sufficient level of shade would be enough to get rid of blanket weed, however as every enthusiast knows, things are never that simple.

Safe solution:
Evolution Aqua’s solution to the problem is a powder based treatment that you mix into your pond water. When added to your pond water, as instructed, the powder is absorbed into the individual cells that make up the weed so quickly that the cell walls are unable to maintain their integrity. The result is that the blanket weed literally falls apart and your blanket weed is stopped in its tracks.

More importantly the StopBlanketweed treatment contains no chemicals that will harm fish, pond water or any other wildlife for that matter.

How to use StopBlanketweed:

StopBlanketweed should be added to your pond as soon as you see the first signs of blanket weed forming. We advise that you apply one dose of StopBlanketweed every seven days or until the blanket weed has died. In most ponds this should be about three weeks.

To treat your pond, place 50 grams of powder for every 1500 litres / 330 gallons of pond water in a suitable container. Fill a container with some pond water and mix the StopBlanketweed in thoroughly. Distribute the mixture evenly over the pond surface. If your pond is less than 1500 litres, for example 600 litres, use the following sum:

Pond volume (litres) divided by 1500 x 50 = Powder (grams)
eg: the sum for a 600 litre pond would be 600 / 1500 x 50 = 20 grams.


For optimum results it is advised that you boost your pond with one dose every month to prevent the blanket weed returning. If water temperature falls below 8 degrees Celsius, treatment efficiency is reduced.

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