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Oase- What’s so special about aquamax pumps?

Water is the element of life. But only in the right combination with oxygen does it give man his health, and animals and plants a habitat. Consequently watercourses are an effective enhancement of your garden pond, but not for visual reasons alone; while the water flows it is being enriched with vital oxygen. The interplay of filter pump and filter is indispensable for good water quality. The experts at OASE are always thinking about new innovations so that pond owners can take their time and enjoy life.

One result is the aquamax eco. A range of real powerpacks that can do more than just pump water. There are intelligent models that feed the right volume of water to the filter based on temperature, and thus enable intelligent and low power consumption pond management. For some models the power can be variably adjusted, also via remote control. With so many innovations selection of the right pump is incredibly easy. Characteristic of all filter and watercourse pumps are the facts that they deliver particularly high volumes of water in a short time, and deliver coarse debris to ten millimetres in size to the filter, and that they do it with particular energy efficiency. Once you have decided on a pump type, the necessary capacity can be determined via the size of the pond or the watercourse.

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