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Ready Made Aquarium Kits

ready made aquarium kits are a great way to begin fishkeeping

Ready made aquarium kits perfect to ‘plug in and play’! No need to worry about tank maturation, water parameters, or accidentally killing your fish. Let us take the stress out of setting up an aquarium of your own.

We love the science and processes behind setting up a new aquarium. We also understand that the same things we love put plenty of people off from having aquariums of their own! For every 10 success stories of beautiful tanks that have never been any bother, there is always one nightmare story everyone remembers. So we’ve decided to take the best of both worlds and remove the stress for you.

We have begun creating set-ups in-store that you can buy ready to go! The water is stable, the filters have been cycled, the temperature is just right, and the fish have acclimated. All we need to do is bag up the water and the fish before you leave and you just put the two back together when you get home. A simple idea that has already been very popular in store with our nano Betta set ups.

our ready made aquarium kits video from instagram
A snap from our Instagram post showing our ready made aquarium kits for sale!

What could be better than seeing a gorgeous display tank that’s just the right size for the kid’s bedrooms – nothing too big, nothing too fancy – that you can just take away with you? No fussing about testing your water, or having to explain every 10 minutes for a week that your excited kids can’t put fish in their new tank yet. No worrying about your filter media, about what fish will get along together, about how much space or water you need. Just point at the one you want and we’ll get it packed up for you.

Don’t like the specific fish in there? No problem, we’ll take that inhabitant out and pop in whichever fish takes your fancy. 

Let us set up your tank for you.

If you’ve shopped with us before you’ll know we’re sticklers for animal welfare. Our advice will always follow animal welfare best practice and we will always put that first – no matter how long that means you have to wait!

This can sometimes lead to long periods of time with you staring at a tank devoid of any fish! Particularly with marine set ups. Water parameters, filter maturation, temperature fluctuations, all kinds of things can put a hold on getting any fish in there. We will always do things this way and will not change our ways on this but that is not to say we can’t find a workaround for our customers. 

So – how about we do that boring bit for you?

We’ll set the tank and clean it out. We’ll select the right substrate and plants or decorations. We’ll add the water, the additives, and do the testing. We’ll make sure the filter is running for a few weeks and the biological cultures inside are working perfectly before we then introduce a fish or group of fish to the tank. Then we’ll show you!

All you have to do is pick your favourite.

ready made aquarium kits are a great way to begin fishkeeping
One of our earliest ready made aquarium kits

A whole range of ready made aquarium kits

We started with Bettas (fighting fish, if you prefer) and people are loving the small, ready to go homes with a single, beautiful fish living inside. We’re currently finishing off some fantastic little shrimp tanks and have our eyes set on everything from tiny nano tanks to huge aquascaped masterpieces.

An initial ‘draft’ of some of the aquascapes we’ll be looking to provide in store!

Anything you’d like us to do for you just let us know – you ‘build’ it how you want it. We will itemise your bill, create your tank, mature it for you and then even deliver to your door. All that you need to do is clear the space you want us to put the tank in, settle up, and wait for us to arrive.

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