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What filter is best for an African cichlid tank?

There are many filters presently available on the market that can be used in African Cichlid aquariums. African cichlids grow to a reasonable size and have extremely healthy appetites. Because of this we always recommend an external canister filter. These filters are larger in size than other forms of filtration and can hold a greater quantity and variety of filter media resulting in a higher reduction of waste and more biological action. Ideally the flow rate needs to be 4-6 times the volume of your aquarium e.g. a 250 litre (55 gallon) aquarium will need a filter that can do 1000-1500 litres per hour (220-330 gph). Having a filter with a built in heating element also means that your tank gets heated more evenly and efficiently which is why we recommend Eheim thermofilters.

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