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Evolution Aqua – How do I get a clear & healthy pond?

Pure balls contain a unique blend of Bacteria and Enzymes, which can not only help mature a new filter, but in existing ponds will breakdown organic matter to leave your water sparkling. The Pure Pond balls contain more than 8,000,000,000 bacteria per litre, which will multiply rapidly when they are exposed to a food source – Ammonia and Nitrite!

Easy to use

When added to your pond’s filter, the bacteria and other enzymes contained in the balls will start to level out any ammonia and nitrite spikes that may occur, leaving crystal clear, healthy water. Pure Pond should be added directly into your filter – working great in all filters – in between the foams in a multibay filter, added directly into a bead filter or even black box filters and pressure filters, in fact any filter will work better with Pure.

Tried and tested!
We try many new products each year and very rarely do we come across one that we can put our full weight behind. We have used evolution aqua pure pond on all of our koi systems and the results have been amazing.

We recently upgraded all of our filtration in our koi area and needed to make sure the systems were up and running as quickly as possible. Using pure pond and pure pond Bomb enabled us to stock the systems very quickly and has given us crystal clear water ever since.

This product has also helped out many customers of ours. Some prefer to turn their filters off over winter which is not ideal, but the start up in spring is made far less painful when using pure pond.

We have recommended the use of pure pond for most of our new customers regardless of their filter type and have had an equal amount of success with people experiencing water quality problems with established ponds.

The beads are biodegradable, they provide a food source for the bacteria and so you can easily see when they need replenishing. This is not a regular occurrence but it certainly makes it easy to see when your filter needs the help of pure pond again.

Get yours today!

Pure Pond is available in 2 sizes: 500ml containers for ponds up to 10,000 litres and 1 litre tubs covering ponds up to 20,000 litres. The Pure balls are fully biodegradable and will disappear harmlessly over time.

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