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Oase- What water feature will make a big impact?

chatsworth water feature

From humble beginnings as an agricultural machinery repair shop, leading to the manufacture of water feature pumps in 1966, OASE is now the world’s largest manufacturer of water gardening equipment. With a product range extending from pumps, filters and lights for garden ponds, to large commercial fountain installations and lake management concepts, the innovation and technology used in OASE products is second to none.

OASE are set to continue their ever-growing success in 2010 with the introduction of the impressive Jumping Jet Rainbow Star fountains. Jumping Jets have been used by OASE for a number of years in a commercial environment, but these new innovative designs bring the impressive and fascinating displays into the reach of many garden owners, suitable for indoor and outdoor ponds and water features. Although technically very similar to the larger commercial models, the Jumping Jet Rainbow Star can be easily and quickly installed into any garden environment, and can be simply controlled using a remote control device.

OASE has long been the leader in commercial fountain displays and water quality control, this superior and innovative technology automatically transfers to the home and garden product range.

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