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Why feed your sturgeon Medikoi Sturgeon Food?

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The main difference is most pond foods are designed to float, allowing most pond fish to feed up at the water’s surface. Sturgeon tend to spend most of their time swimming around the bottom of a pond. Medikoi Sturgeon food is a sinking pellet specially formulated for Sturgeon. The pellet is weighted and sinks straight down to the bottom of a pond passing other pond fish on the way to Sturgeon for them to enjoy the benefits of this exceptional, nutritionally balanced, food.

Why does Medikoi Sturgeon come in different pellet sizes?

Medikoi Sturgeon is available in junior 2mm, standard 4.5mm and jumbo 8mm sinking pellet sizes. Sturgeon tend to grow quickly, to accommodate this Medikoi Sturgeon is available in a range of different pellet sizes to feed the smallest or biggest Sturgeon in your pond.

What is in a Medikoi Sturgeon Pellet?

Comprised in a Medikoi Sturgeon pellet are the most highly digestible fish proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential oils.

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