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Free Tetra 6-in-1 Test Strips

Free 6-in-1 Test Strips 10 pack when you buy AquaSafe with EasyBalance! Celebrate 70 Years of Tetra.


  • AquaSafe 250ml
  • EasyBalance 250ml
  • 6 in 1 Test Strip x10 sample pack

DuoBoost by Oase

2-phase-booster for a healthy pond biology.

For garden lovers who want to keep their pond water clear the natural way: the innovative bacteria gel and optimally chosen minerals work in a double action to activate the natural pond biology of the water in a quick and easy process.

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Pond Plants

It’s the perfect time of year to start bringing your pond to life with our wide range of pond plants and lilies!


Our wide range of waterfalls are high quality & durable, creating a wonderful feature in any outdoor space.

Indo-Reef Rimless Aquariums

These high quality Cleair aquariums are perfect for tropical fish, coldwater fish, marine fish and coral reef set ups!

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Knowledge Base

Shirley Aquatics has a vast knowledge base to help you care for your aquatic life.

Learn more about how to appropriately care for your aquatic life from our online articles.

Top 10 Tips for Perfect Koi Keeping

Shirley Aquatics top 10 tips for perfect koi keeping conditions. From koi food and pond plants, to ideal pond filters and pond design! Everything you need to know to make sure you’re giving your pride and koi (sorry) the best possible care.  1.  Koi fish food – ‘Garbage in, garbage out’ An old adage from […]

a group of baby bearded dragons

Animal Care Sheets

Our animal care sheets are full of expert information to help you to keep your animals healthy and happy.

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Product Documents

Learn how to set up and maintain some of our products with these free downloadable guides and other useful documents.