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Oase- What is The Oase Clear water system?

The Clear Water System CWS from OASE sets totally new standards for garden pond care. Perfectly matched components ensure biologically clear water year-round with a high level of technical intelligence. Pond owners can relax, lean back and enjoy the beauty of their garden pond without turbidity. The Clear Water System CWS ensures the optimal water quality.

Aquamax Eco CWS filtration pump:

This is the pulsing heart of the Clear Water System CWS, and with energy savings of up to 40 percent thanks to a flow-optimised impeller and the special OASE motor – it is particularly energy efficient. The high-performance filter pump has a second adjustable inlet for connection of a skimmer or satellite filter; the pump is fully capable of withstanding winter conditions and transports debris particles in the pond water up to 10 millimetres in size.

FiltoMatic CWS filter system:

This intelligent pond manager automatically removes pond water pollutants, as well as excess nutrients, through biological-mechanical interval cleaning, and in addition even removes sludge as the phosphate carrier most responsible for string algae growth. The integrated sludge pump and the UVC clarifier are activated depending on water temperature. The special water channelling and the integrated sludge pump enable the FiltoMatic to be almost completely maintenance-free.

Biokick CWS filter starter:

An optimal ratio of highly concentrated starter micro-organisms and high-quality bacteria nutrients ensures rapid microbial settlement of the new filter sponges in the FiltoMatic CWS filter system. Thus effective biological decomposition of excess nitrogenous nutrients is ensured.

SwimSkim CWS surface skimmer:

This high-performance floating skimmer keeps the pond surface clean, additionally enriches the water with oxygen and stirs up floor sediments with its innovative whirlpool function. The pond floor sediments are then taken up by the Aquamax Eco CWS filter pump and transported out of the garden pond and into the FiltoMatic CWS filter system for effective removal.

OASE pond aerator OxyTex CWS:

This world innovation completes the OASE Clear Water System CWS. It ensures optimal oxygen enrichment of the pond water and simultaneously offers an extensive settlement surface for decomposing nutrients thanks to its unique fibre structure. Thus up to 25 percent of the pond volume is optimally activated biologically in addition to the filter performance.

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