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What is the best thermostat for my heat source?

Thermostats are one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will need for your reptile. If used correctly, they will stop your vivarium from overheating and will keep the vivarium at a constant required temperature. 

There are a few different types of thermostat readily available, these are:

  • Pulse proportional thermostat

These are made specifically for Ceramic heaters. They send out pulses of energy to the bulb to change the amount of heat the bulb gives out.

  • On/Off Thermostat

on/off thermostats can be used with any heat source, however they are best for use with ceramic bulbs or heat mats. They will shorten the life of a light emitting heat bulb. They will turn on and off as the desired temperature is reached. 

  • Dimming Thermostat

Dimming thermostats are the most popular and versatile thermostat available. The thermostat will slowly dim up and down depending on the temperature within the vivarium. It can be used with any heat source but is best suited for light emitting heat bulbs. 

  • High range thermostat

High range thermostats are used when you need a higher temperature for a specific species, for example, Uromastyx which will need a basking temperature of 50-60°C. These thermostats are 600w and have a dimmer built into them.

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