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What is the best heating for my turtle?

The best heating for your turtle will depend on the species of turtle you wish to keep. Basking species such as:

  •   Map turtles
  •   River cooters
  •   Golden thread turtles

Will require a specified basking spot where they can haul out of the water to warm up and absorb ultraviolet radiation (UV). For this we recommend a combination bulb (Both heat emitting and UV) for the turtle to bask under.

More aquatic species will not get out of the water to bask as they evolved in warmer climates. Some of those species include:

  •   Musk turtles
  •   Sideneck and snakenecks
  •   River turtles

These species will require warm water. We recommend an underwater heater (wattage determined by the size of the tank), UV lighting will still need to be provided by either a UV strip bulb or a compact coil. Heat and light should be provided for turtles 12-14 hours per day.

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