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Oase- How can I make a pond cheaper to run?

aquamax eco gravity

Fuel economy and reducing running costs are on everyone’s mind at the moment. A lot of the pond pumps available have been designed specifically with this in mind.

OASE has developed a new ‘Servo-Motor’ design, which is incorporated in the Aquamax Eco range of pond pumps. With the increasing cost of electricity, and the growing awareness of carbon footprints, the Aquamax Eco can save up to 40% of the running costs, compared to traditional pond pumps. The two largest models can also provide an additional 20% saving, with the revolutionary SFC (Seasonal Flow Control), which monitors the water temperature and reduces the output of the pump, and consequently it’s power consumption, in lower water temperatures when large pumping volumes are not necessary.

OASE have been designing and producing innovative, high quality products in Germany for more than 40 years, and reliability and customer satisfaction are still essential requirements for all product developments, which is reflected in the 5-year guarantee period on a wide range of OASE products.

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