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What is the best food to keep my Koi and Pond Fish healthy?

best koi food

We understand how important keeping your fish healthy and happy in your pond is, so in this article we will give you our very best recommendation on which type of food will help you to do just that.

Probiotic Foods

You’ve probably heard the term before but do you know what “Probiotic Food” actually means? Probiotics are living organisms naturally found in foods such as yoghurt, kimchi, pickles and even some types of cheese. They are known as ‘good’ or ‘friendly’ bacteria as they compete against harmful bacteria for space and food in the gut and prevent them from settling there. This in turn improves overall digestive health.

Now before you say anything we’re not suggesting you float a cheese board into your pond for your koi to munch on. The foods listed above are what we as humans can eat to gain all the benefits Probiotics offer for our bodies and brains. There are loads of Probiotic foods available for your koi that have been specifically designed by experts and are fully equipped to give your fish good digestive health as well as a heap of other benefits!

Why do pond fish need good digestive health?

It’s simple, if fish suffer from indigestion this can lead to a secondary condition called Swim Bladder disease. This disease causes abnormal swim behaviours and makes it difficult for your fish to stay submerged. Constipation may also occur which can result in swelling of the abdomen, loss of appetite and, in extreme cases may even lead to the scales of the fish being raised or sticking out from the body which can cause problems with swimming, expelling waste and eating. Feeding your fish Probiotic foods will fight against these problems and ensure your fish are in good health.

Probiotic foods also improve gut defences which in turn helps to prevent diseases. The feed is also more digestible in itself and will allow the fish to effectively break down all the nutrients in it properly, resulting in less waste which will help to keep your pond clean and clear.

There are also specially designed Probiotic foods which do all of the above as well as support fish growth and rapidly enhance their colour!


You can find our Probiotic Koi Foods here!

You can’t go wrong using these foods and your fish will be extremely thankful to you for choosing them. Have questions or want to know which food is right for you and your fish? Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!

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