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Buying a Pond Liner

Choosing the Right Size Pond Liner

It’s important you make sure you have the right size liner for your pond.

It’s almost impossible to get a liner that is a perfect fit for your hole in the ground and there will always be some excess that you need to trim off.

Our pond liner calculator will help you find the closest match for what you need.

Using the Pond Liner Calculator

You need to provide your maximum length, maximum depth and maximum width.

Our pond liner calculator will then allow 12” (30cm) overlap all the way around in order for you to secure the liner once in place.

How to measure your pond for a pond liner

The alternative to our pond liner calculator is measuring your pond yourself. To work out what size pond liner you need, take a piece of string and run it down the exact contours of the longest size of your hole and back up the other side, not forgetting to add enough for overlap. You can also do the same at the widest point. Measure the string and this will give you the exact amount of liner.

Buy Pond Liners Online

Shirley Aquatics provide pre-packed pond liners and also liner ‘off-the-roll’. For PVC and EPDM the roll widths are from 2m up to 6m, and the lengths can be anything from 1m up to 25m. For the 1mm firestone rubber, this comes over from America and is measured in feet. Again, pre-packed sizes are available. Liner roll widths are 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 25 and 30ft. You can purchase up to 100ft in length from these rolls. We are also able to offer custom sizes for much bigger ponds as well as box welded liners, these can take a little longer to come in but we will give you an expected delivery date at the time of ordering. Contact Us to order custom sizes.

Pond Liner Underlay

Please don’t forget to use underlay.

Whilst not using underlay will not affect your guarantee, it will increase the likelihood of something puncturing the liner, which would not be covered under the guarantee.


PVC (poly vinyl chloride) pond liners are water tight, 0.5mm black sheets used for lining ponds. They are ideal for lining small garden ponds and preventing water from seeping into the surrounding soil. The PVC material is lightweight and best used for small garden ponds and it’s easy to fit around corners and shelves. The PVC pond liners can go brittle and crack if exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time, therefore correct pond maintenance is crucial.

Rubber Liner Pre Packed

Rubber pond liners remain a top choice for professional pond builders and gardeners.

Its flexibility and durability make it an excellent choice for bigger ponds and its UV resistance makes it last longer than PVC liners.

We have a range of rubber pre-packed pond liners from brands such as Firestone.


Pond liner underlays are essential if you want to protect your pond liner and make it last longer.

The underlay is designed to be puncture resistant and protect the pond liner from sharp stones, falling objects or sharp claws.