Pond Products

Ponds are an amazing feature to any garden that can add a huge amount of life and colour to your home. As long as any garden pond is maintained in the correct way, you can have your very own aquatic heaven, rather than the standard grass garden, you can also add a flash feature adding something different than the standard all grass garden. While a garden pond may be a lot of hard work, such as building the pond itself and maintaining it to be in the best possible condition, it truly does bring a new element of eden to your home and create a lovely atmosphere.

We have everything covered when it comes to your pond, with the initial pond products such as preformed glassfibre ponds and pond liners, to pond water pumps and pond filters. As well as this, we sell the necessary pond items that you need to maintain your pond, such as premium pond fish food, pond cleaning equipment and pond liquid tests.

We also offer more than the basics, with an entire host of pond accessories to make your pond look more unique and stunning. Whether you would rather keep your pond looking more subtle, with additions such as water lilies or floating pond plants, that is something we can more than accommodate.

However if you want to really make your pond look extra special, we have an entire collection of pond accessories to really make an impact. From our Cotswold stone pond waterfall range and water features, to underwater pond lighting, we are able to supply you with everything you need to make your pond look that extra bit special.

We also sell a various species of cold water pond fish, including goldfishshubunkins and sarasa comets, to really bring your pond to life.

If you order any of our pond accessories before 2PM on Monday – Thursday, we are able to offer 24 hour delivery straight to your door! Contact the team here at Shirley Aquatics today to discuss what you need for your pond.

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*NOTE: Some products, such as live fish or Reptiles, may be available for collection only.