Evolution Aqua Stop Blanketweed Pond Treatment

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Evolution Aqua Stop Blanketweed is an effective treatment of filamentous algae, commonly known as blanketweed in ornamental and garden ponds. Blanketweed is one of the most hated problems of pond keeping and a nuisance to everyone as it makes your pond unsightly, blocks filters, pumps and pipes. Stop Blanketweed is a unique product which will successfully eradicate blanket weed when used as instructed.

Available Sizes:

1kg – treats up to 10,000 litres / 2,200 Gallons

2.5kg – treats up to 25,000 litres / 5,500 Gallons

4kg – treats up to 40,000 litres / 8,800 Gallons

Max. 30kg per order. If you need more please get in touch so that we can advise.

Dosage Instructions:

• Apply 30 grams (one scoop) of powder per 900 litres / 198 gallons of water.

• Mix the powder thoroughly with pond water in a suitable clean container.

• Now distribute this mixture evenly over the pond surface.

• Add this dose once per week until the blanket weed has gone, usually after 3 weeks.

• One or two additional doses may be needed in some ponds.

• Continue to dose once a month to prevent the blanket weed returning.

• If water temperature is below 8°C, treatment efficiency is reduced.

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