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Stendker GoodHeart Discus Food – Regular


Stendker GoodHeart Discus food is the recommended food from the man himself. Mr Stendker recommends his frozen GoodHeart food to anyone keeping his world renowned discus.

It's an enriched BeefHeart developed in their hatchery at Stendker but it has proven to be an amazing food for the growth and health of all discus, we don’t feed our discus on anything else!

The nourishing BeefHeart and enriching mineralising trace elements and vitamins mean your discus will thrive! They feed all the discus in their hatchery this amazing food 3 times a day!

The proteins in this food are amazing for growth, vegetable portions such as paprika powder aid your fish's digestion and accentuate the red colour in your fish. The vitamins and minerals are the final piece in what makes this food so powerful at keeping your Stendker Discus in prime condition!

Order yours now! Stendker GoodHeart Colour and Spirulina also available!




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