Live Copepods 100ml

Ref: ADP0021


Live copepods are small crustaceans which are an excellent food for saltwater aquarium fish, corals and other invertebrates. Most marine aquariums will hugely benefit from these little crustaceans whilst seahorses, mandarin fish and anthias may require the addition of regular copepods.


They also benefit corals enormously as they expand their tentacles to feed overnight. Copepods have a high protein content of around 50%, which will help other fish plump up during their nightly prowls such as Scooter Blennies, Mandarin Fish and Wrasses.

You will also see a noticeable reduction in microalgae and the accumulation of detritus, with live rock and sand showing a cleaner appearance. 

Found in almost every natural marine ecosystem, copepods have a strong impact as they feed on particulate organic matter such as microalgae, they are then consumed by higher animals such as fish and corals to transfer energy from low to higher levels of the food chain.


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