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OASE at Shirley Aquatics

We all have the desire to live together with nature. No matter whether in a large garden and swimming pond, a small garden, terrace, balcony or even in the house. Nature stimulates us, it gives us moments of peace; it means life.

For OASE it also means passion. Alongside OASE, Shirley Aquatics would like to inspire you to always find new possibilities to design playfully and creatively with nature; to create ponds, to keep fish, to make water dance and to create large and small worlds.

Maintain a good quality of life for yourself – both inside and outside.

OASE pond pumps

OASE Pond Pumps

We stock the full range of OASE pond pumps and accessories. Even if you don’t have a fish pond, pond pumps are a great addition to your regular decorative pond, especially fountain pumps as they can be used to create enchanting features.

OASE pond filters

OASE Pond Filters

Shirley Aquatics are experts in pond filters and filtration since 1939. We stock OASE pond filters and accessories for small ponds, decorative pools, large ponds, and watercourses. Including ProfiClear, BioTech, BioSmart and FiltoMatic.

OASE aquarium products

Aquarium Products

At Shirley Aquatics we stock OASE filters, UVC clarifiers and dechlorinators, filter media, pumps as well as heaters and feeding tools. Everything to make it easy and convenient to take care of your passion.

OASE pond filters

biOrb Aquariums

OASE’s biOrb fish tanks are easy to use and stylish; perfect for any home. If you are on the lookout for your first aquarium which requires low maintenance, then buying a BiOrb from Shirley Aquatics is the best option for you. 

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