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The 101 Best Tropical Fishes

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Whether you are a new or intermediate hobbyist, this book is designed to help you choose the hardiest, most appealing fishes and maintain a healthy, sustainable home system. This book presents 101 full-page species accounts of fishes that not only have high survival rates in captivity but also are appealing in appearance and behave well in a community tank. Also included are 33 species to avoid - fishes that most commonly wreak havoc in home aquariums because of their size or aggressiveness, or that tend to perish in the hands of inexperienced aquarists. Written by a career aquarium professional with decades of experience keeping freshwater fishes and working with leading aquarium-hobby writers, this title features exclusive tips on the basics of selecting fishes, mixing and matching livestock in aquariums of various sizes, building compatible communities, husbandry basics for each species, and expert tricks for keeping fishes healthy and colourful. The book is organised for instant look-up, with colour coding to highlight species that will fit into aquarium systems of different sizes. The brilliant, full-colour identifying photos, taken by the world's leading marine fish photographers, serve as the perfect complement to the informative text.