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Tetra Wheatgerm Sticks Koi Food




Complete food for feeding during autumn and winter. Specially formulated for cold weather feeding. Strengthens fish for the spring, for a healthy start to the season Contains all nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements for a balanced, healthy diet Rich in highly digestible wheatgerm Softens quickly for easy eating Low waste formula for clean, clear water Feeding guide: Feed TetraPond Wheatgerm Sticks 1-2 times a day, only as much as the fish can eat within a few minutes. Do not feed your fish if they are inactive, and remove any uneaten food. Switch to TetraPond Wheatgerm Sticks once the temperature falls below 10°C. Return to your normal TetraPond food once the temperature warms again in the spring.

Max 25kg per order. If you require more please contact us so we can advise.

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