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Reptile Anti-septic Wound Spray 100ml

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Absolute Repti-VET Anti-septic Topical Wound Spray 100ml

Ensure the root cause of illness is Investigated in all cases of disease! Ideal for use in the reptile FIRST-AID KIT works on all known bacteria on contact & will help the animal to heal naturally. helps the wound to seal on its own. Resulting in a quicker and safer healing process.

Absolute Anti-septic wound spray can be applied to any external surfaces of the animal's skin avoiding contact with the eyes.

How to use: if possible remove any dead tissue from the wound Spray Generously to the infected area maintain contact for 1-2 Seconds and return the animal back to its enclosure. Repeated daily for 4 days with a rest of 3-4 days until healing is noted.

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