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Oase ScreenMatic Pond Filter and Pump Set – 90000

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The Oase BioTec ScreenMatic Pond Filter and Pump set features a high-class, intelligent flow-through pond filter, which provides mechanical waste removal and biological filtration for your garden pond or water feature.

The BioTec ScreenMatic 90000 complete set includes your BioTec ScreenMatic² flow through filter, Bitron C 110W self-cleaning UVC and AquaMax Eco Premium 20000 energy efficient filter pump. This set will actively work to eliminate pollution, algae and dirt in your pond to keep the water sparkling fresh and your fish – happy and healthy.

BioTec ScreenMatic² Set 90000 Technical Data:

  • Max. flow rate 11000 l/h
  • Suitable for ponds up to max. 90.0 m³
  • Suitable for ponds with fish stock 30.0 m³
  • Suitable for ponds with koi 15.0 m³


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