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Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact Pond Filter – Medium


Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact Pond Filter - Medium

The Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact is a flow through drum filter which gives you the filtration of a professional compact drum filter as an inexpensive alternative for smaller ponds, especially koi ponds. The compact design means there are minimal space requirements but a high separation performance in the pump fed and gravity fed models and thanks to extensive noise insulation it has a particularly quiet operation noise level.

The Oase ProfiClear pond filter is available in Medium or Large.

Be at the peak of pond technology with the Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact filter. With its innovative system, you can control settings via an app using the Easy Garden Control System (EGC).

The automatic coarse debris extraction easily flushes the contamination out of the filter thanks to drum filter technology and the moving bed system allows optimal water movement and cleaning. The deep-bed filtration provides a high separating capacity of up to 60 microns and Hel-X filter media significantly enlarges the surface area for effective decomposition of nutrients and pollutants.

Oase ProfiClear Premium Compact Pond Filter should be flushed only by cleaned pond water so no fresh water connection is required. Plus individually removable sieve elements (no tools required) which have pollutant rakes for reliable removal of string algae and other larger particles from the drum.

Available Oase ProfiClear Premium Medium Models

  • Gravity Fed
  • Pump Fed

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