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Nexus Eazy 320+ Pond Filter


Nexus Eazy 320 + Pond Filter

The Nexus 320 Pond Filter is Evolution Aqua’s world leading filtration system and has now gotten even better. Incorporating the industry proven Kaldnes Moving Bed biological filter coupled with the exceptional New Eazy mechanical filter. Combined, they provide outstanding water clarity and quality. Easy and quick to clean.

The cleverly combined mechanical and biological filter create an effective, high performance filtration system for all pond sizes.

The Nexus 320 Automatic Filter features:
– Unbeatable water quality and clarity
– Zero maintenance within the Biological stage
– Low running costs
– Easy to install – just ‘plug and play’
– Small footprint
– Works both pump and gravity fed
– No need for a high pressure and costly circulating pump
– Mechanical and biological stage in one unit
– Biological capacity that can grow with your fish, just add more kaldnes media
– Open mechanical filter allowing visual inspection that media is 100% clean after maintenance
– Now includes pump fed overflow / Gravity fed bypass system
– Clear Lid for Eazy Section
– New improved air system

Max Flow Rate: 13,000 litres/hr – 2,859 UK gallons/hr
Max Capacity: 300 ltrs bio/20 ltrs Eazy
Max Pondsize: 34,000 litres / 7.500 UK gallons
Volume of water in filter: 184 UK gallons / 840 litres

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