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Nexus Range

Evolution Aqua’s renowned filtration systems, Nexus 220 and Nexus 320 deliver improved levels of clarity for garden and koi ponds. They combine mechanical and biological filtration and are simple and easy to instal.

How the Nexus Pond Filter Works

The pond water enters the Nexus inlet and goes into the inner chamber, then passes through the grills in the “Eazy” filter where the fine particles are removed. Following the mechanical part of the filtration, the water passes to the outside chamber of the Nexus. The K1 Media moving bed cleans the water with the biological treatment. The water then passes through the exit grill and into the outlet, returning to your garden pond.

Shirley Aquatics have a range of Nexus pond filters available to buy online or in-store. Contact us for more information or browse our selection of pond filters to find the perfect one for your garden oasis.

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