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Fritz Water Clarifier




Fritz Clarifier works easily to clear cloudy and discoloured water typically caused by bacteria blooms, overfeeding and gravel dust by clumping together these fine, suspended particles (otherwise known as Flocculating) in order for them to be removed by your filtration system.

This Clarifier is phosphate-free, won’t affect your pH and doesn’t affect your biological filtration! It’s the perfect tool for your aquarium and is even safe for Reef or Planted systems.

Once added, the water will clear rapidly. Repeat as needed and make sure to allow 6 hours between doses. If you overdose, check your livestock for stress and perform small water changes if needed. Safe for all fish, plants and invertebrates.


  • 236ml – Treats 1817 Litres
  • 473ml – Treats 3634 Litres

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236ml, 473ml