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FritzZyme Complete Water Conditioner


Fritz Complete is a perfect full spectrum tap water conditioner for your tank. Effortlessly detoxifies chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, ammonia, nitrite and even helps to reduce nitrate. Plus, unlike other conditioners, it does not affect your pH.

Suitable for use in both saltwater and freshwater aquariums (including reef and planted set ups!), Complete is the perfect conditioner to set up your aquarium or for use during water changes, and for all your marine keepers, it won't over-activate your skimmer!

For best results, add to tap water in a separate container before adding water to aquarium.


4oz / 118ml - treats up to 4,542 Litres

8oz / 236ml - treats up to 9,085 Litres

16oz / 473ml - treats up to 18,170 Litres

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118ml, 236ml, 473ml