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Fluval Evo Nano Marine Aquarium Kit

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Fluval Evo Nano Marine Aquarium Kit

Go big in a small way! The all-new Fluval Evo nano saltwater fish tank is the starter kit that packs the same performance features as a marine aquarium several times its size. At just 52 litres, it is small enough to fit on most desktops or counters. Now you can finally enjoy the saltwater hobby for less money, effort and space required!

Powerful 14,000 K marine capable lighting ensures optimal colour growth and colour. It has a touch-start day and night function, 31 fully integrated LEDs and a sleek aluminium casing. The lights require only 16W of power making them very energy efficient.

3-stage filtration is located in the compartment to the back of the aquarium and has mechanical (foam filtration block), biological (BioMax ceramic media) and chemical media (Activated Carbon) included for optimal filtration and efficiency. Removable cover ensures access to rear filtration chamber without needing to disturb the tank's inhabitants. Adjustable twin output nozzles allow for easy customisation of water flow.

This Nano Marine Aquarium is designed for use as a marine set up with extra space for internal skimmer, additional pumps for extra circulation and advanced lighting.


Fluval Nano Marine Aquarium Dimensions

56 x 38.5 x 29cm (22 x 15 x 11.5″).
Litres: 52 Litres (13.5 gallons).