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GoPhos Phosphate Remover




Phosphates build up in your aquarium and encourage the growth of algae. They also stop corals from taking in calcium in order to grow. Removing phosphates will stop the growth of algae and help your corals to grow.

GoPhos is a very effective phosphate remover. Use GoPhos to initially drop the phosphates in your aquarium to zero. Use 10ml per 100 litres to remove up to 0.3ppm of phosphates. Repeat this dose every 4 days until your phosphate levels reach zero.

Dropping phosphate levels too quickly can be harmful to corals so monitor your phosphates regularly. If corals show signs of stress, wait 7 days before dosing again. Once your phosphates are at zero, use a maintenance dose of 10ml/200 litres once a week. You may be able to reduce this to once every two weeks. Use an accurate phosphate test kit to help you.

GoPhos is one of the most cost effective methods of removing phosphates on the market today.

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