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Oase AquaActiv SediFree Silt Remover 500ml


Oase AquaActiv SediFree Silt Remover 500ml

Unsightly and foul smelling silt deposits can quickly form biotopes. Due to the lack of oxygen, silt can only be  decomposed with difficulty and additional adverse nutrients can build up within the silt. SediFree has a dual dual effect: The granules sink into the silt where they release the bound active oxygen. The special bacteria contained within then becomes active in the water and can then  optimally mineralise the oxidised silt. Thus healthy pond water is provided without unsightly deposits or fermentation gases.

Shake bottle vigorously before use. For initial treatment, scatter 50ml for every 1000 litres directly over the silted areas. If necessary: Repeat the dosage after four weeks by adding 10 to 20ml of SediFree for every 1000 litres of pond water once a week. Treatment is most effective at water temperatures of 15oC or higher. The decomposition takes longer at cooler temperatures because of the reduced bacteria activity. Switch off UVC equipment before and for three days after treatment.

  • 500ml treats up to 10000L of water
  • This product contributes significantly towards an algae free pond
  • Higher care performance through optiomised active ingredient reconciliation
  • Constant compatibility for pond and it inhabitants


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