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Seachem PhosGuard Phosphate Remover




Seachem PhosGuard removes silicate & phosphate from aquarium water. Phosphates are present in every fish tank and if they aren’t maintained properly the levels will continue to rise and rise causing algae growth. They aren’t directly harmful to your fish but the algae blooms which will occur can deplete oxygen which would then effect your fish. Phosphates naturally occur as wastes and are broken down within the aquarium but can also be introduced as anything from food, chemicals to buffer water and the actual water itself could contain phosphate.

Seachem PhosGuard quickly removes phosphate and silicate from marine and freshwater tanks. We do not, however, recommend for phosphate buffered freshwater. Seachem PhosGuard is highly porous for highly capacity and is also bead-shaped, so you have optimum water flow.

Suitable for marine and freshwater.

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1 litre

2 litre

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