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Reptile Systems Eco T5 Unit – Zone 1


The Eco T5 unit provides quality lighting at an affordable price, giving everyone access to good UV lighting. This lightweight single lamp unit, with built in reflector, combines a Reptile Systems HOT5 lamp with a reliable, electronic, flicker free ballast unit all in one convenient bundle. It has a 103° removable reflector to give powerful wide spread of light thanks to its uncoated, highly reflective surface and offers some of the best results achievable for a unit of this type. Reptile Systems lamps have been designed to replicate the profile of sunlight, as closely as possible, to produce a full spectrum lamp with balanced amounts of UVA and UVB, whilst producing excellent natural colours.

Ferguson Zone 1: Crepuscular - Thermal Conformer / Zone Range UVI - 0-0.7 / Maximum UVI - 0.6-1.4

Ferguson Zone 1 recommended for reptiles such as crested gecko, leopard gecko, tokay gecko, Burmese python, green tree python, reticulated python and milk snakes.

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Bulb Size

8 Watt – 312mm, 24 Watt – 570mm, 39 Watt – 870mm