Reef Factory KH Keeper

Ref: CC33116


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The KH keeper is a stand alone KH monitor that tests water samples directly from your aquarium to test the Alkalinity. If your KH levels should fluctuate rapidly between measurements, levels determined by the user, KH Keeper will repeat the test. If the result is confirmed then the device will send you an alert via the Smart Reef App available for both iOS and Android!

KH Keeper is simple to set up and use with user friendly management and configuration.

The unique visual LED indicator displays a different colour to signify the KH status in the aquarium at-a-glance. Blue: testing, Green: safe range, Red: out of safe range.

You will also be notified when your KH Keeper Reagents are low! Don’t forget you will need this in addition to your KH Keeper! You can buy these two as a bundle here!

You can also pair KH Keeper with the Dosing Pump or Dosing pump Pro if you want to make corrections, allowing you to precisely control your KH! You can buy these as a package here!

Get in touch if you have any questions or enquiries.

KH Keeper comes with a 2 year consumer warranty.

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