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Live Golden Fruit Fly Culture Reptile Food

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Live Golden Fruit Fly Culture Reptile Food

Our Golden Fruit Fly is a very valuable soft bodied fly for the smaller predator. You can add to their nutritious value by dusting them with vitamins and calcium. They are easily digestible, making them perfect for daily feeding.

Fruit Flies feed on sugars and yeasts so the freshly fed fly will carry a good ‘load’ of simple carbohydrates and B vitamins. These flies are the perfect size for hatchling amphibians and baby spiders, baby frogs and mantis.

As this is a live golden fruit fly culture, it isn't like pre-packed foods, but a culture of eggs mixed with a pre-mixed medium, creating a continuous supply of flies over a longer period as they hatch. The medium provides the food for the newly hatched larvae to feed on and about a week later, they turn into flies. The larvae can often be seen in the base of the tub. Sometimes the culture appears empty or the flies appear dead, but within a few days of arrival, new flies will start to emerge, ready to be fed to your pet.

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