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Fluval External Filter Bio-Foam Value Pack




Fluval’s media value packs are specifically designed for use with 06 and 07 series of their external canister filters.

This value pack delivers all the necessary foam media required to keep your filter operating at peak performance for at least six months. For use in freshwater and saltwater aquariums.


Bio-Foam Max: 2-in-1 Biological and Mechanical Filtration Media
Rippled surface pattern offers 30% more area for increased debris and waste capture

Bio-Foam: Mechanical Filtration Media
Precision cut (no gaps) to prevent debris bypass
Complex foam structure maintains consistent water flow

Bio-Foam+: Mechanical and Biological Filtration Media
Large porous surface supports expansive beneficial bacteria growth



106/107 Value Pack

206/207 Value Pack

306/307 Value Pack

406/407 Value Pack

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106/107, 206/207, 306/307, 406/407