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Egeria Densa Bunched Plant


Egeria Densa Bunched Plant

Size: 40-100+cm Optimum pH: 5 - 8
Lighting: medium to strong
Temperature: 10-26C
Difficulty: 2 (1 = Easy 5 = Difficult)
Plant Arrangement: Background Bunched with a lead weight on the bottom to allow the plant to sit at the base of your aquarium.

Egeria Densa (Tropical Elodea) has narrow blades in whirls that go from light green to bright green in colour and is a great mid-background plant suitable for beginners.

It is one of the easiest plants to keep but needs plenty of light and nutrient rich medium. It is the plant of choice for temperate aquariums as it does really well in cooler environments.  This plant will grow upwards in single strands, but if the length becomes too much, it can be trimmed back and the cutting can be planted as a whole new plant. The old plant will then prodyuce side shoots from the stem that's been trimmed, making the overall look of the plant more bushy and full. To plant Egeria Densa Bunched Plant, the sponge should be removed from the weight as the constant contact will cause the plant to rot. The plant needs to be placed lightly on the soil with the weight helping to keep it from floating.