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Easy-Life Freshwater Filter Medium Chlorine Remover


Easy-Life Freshwater Filter Medium is suitable for Planted aquariums, Discus aquariums and Malawi and Tanganjika Aquariums.

Fish become a lot healthier when Easy-Life is present. They will have an improved appetite and become more active. The fish will show their colours much better than before.

Easy-Life absorbs unwanted elements and improves the water quality immensely and stabilises it making fish-keeping much easier.

Stress is truly the number one cause of fish diseases. It lowers the resistance, which could easily result in fish illnesses. Easy-Life works in various ways to counteract and eliminate stress by removing contaminants that cause stress in the first place. Additionally Easy-Life contains particles that exhibit a direct relaxing effect on all living beings in the water.

Another effect of Easy-Life is that it continually adds small amounts of oxygen to the water, which is one of the key elements to keep the water quality high and stable during relocation. What clean, fresh air means to people, clean water is of the highest importance for your fish.

Easy-Life also fertilises plants and brings essential minerals and trace elements into the water. It also works in such a way that more of the nutrients already present in the water column will become available to plants.

Easy-Life also breaks down nitrite quickly and efficiently when the filter is not mature enough to break it down. It also speeds up growth of good bacteria in your aquarium which in turn speeds up the maturing process of your aquarium dramatically.

Easy-Life will also remove chlorine and chloramine (about 8 hours will be needed for the full effect).

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