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Zantedeschia aethiopica 1 Litre


Zantedeschia aethiopica - Arum lily

A clump-forming herbaceous or semi-evergreen perennial with erect, long-stalked, dark glossy green, arrow-shaped leaves to 40cm in length and funnel-shaped white spathes to 25cm in length, with yellow spadices

A clump forming marginal with dark green arrow-shaped leaves and stunning large white trumpet flowers. Ideally suited to shallow water, bog gardens and damp soil planting in full sun or partial shade. This plant will produce magnificent blooms for weeks from May to August. The blooms grow on long, strong stems that make excellent cut flowers. It can be planted in wet soil at the water margin or up to 10cm deep.

Arum Lily will grow 60-75cm tall and 30-60cm wide within 2-5 years, so ideally need to be planted 30cm away from any other plant to allow space for spreading. It is fully winter hardy and doesn't need winter protection. During autumn, it produces orange berry like fruits that are harmful if eaten.


Flower: White

Flowering Time: May to August

Planting Depth: 0-10cm

Height: up to 75cm

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