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Yubu Aquarium and Cabinet Set


80cm long 40cm deep, 45cm high, cabinet height 80cm tank volume 120l

Stylish aquarium with a large built in filter compartment at the rear measuring 80cm x 44cm x 9cm

The yubu includes a remote controlled LED light that mounts on the top of the aquarium, a heater, filter media and a circulation pump

The aquarium is made using high quality glass that is precision bevelled along each of the edges for the perfect finish. Black silicone is applied by machine to give the optimal finish and strength.

The filtration chamber is divided into 4 sections to allow for pump, heater biological, mechanical and chemical filtration (please note, chemical filtration such as carbon or Zeolite needs to be purchased separately)

The LED is controlled by remote, and has a large selection of colour modes and intensity settings

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Black, White

Tank Size

Yubu 120 Litre – 80cm x 40cm x 125cm