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Reef Octopus VarioS DC Water Pump



The VarioS aquarium circulation pump features a detachable controller, high quality ceramic shaft and bearing meaning that it is easy and convenient to use as well as robust and reliable. You pump can last up to 10 years in normal circumstances! Thanks to the latest variable speed flow technology you will have enhanced control and performance, energy efficiency and a lower voltage of 24V means for safer operation.

Your controller allows you to have full control over your waters flow by allowing you to choose from 5 preset speed setting which are easily indicated by 5 LEDs. You can also engage a 15-60 minute feed mode with a push of a button! You can also adjust the output orientation horizontally or vertically depending on your needs thanks to the rotatable volute.

The in-built circulating and intricate cooling mechanism prevents overheating of your rotor and pump and the Auto-Shut Down system stops the pump upon detection of electric circuit abnormalities! The ceramic bearing and shaft also guarantees quiet operation.

These pumps are suitable for both wet or dry installation in both marine or freshwater set ups.

Your pump motor also comes with a 2 year guarantee!

Note: These are not pressure-rated pumps. These pumps are not for second floor applications or to feed Beckett or downdraft skimmers where constant pressure is required.

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