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Prodibio Start Up


Prodibio Start Up

START UP from PRODIBIO, brings together BIODIGEST START and STOP AMMO START products to optimize the start of the freshwater aquarium.

This seeding kit allows you to start an aquarium quickly and safely for fish and invertebrates.

Our live bacteria immediately get to work upon contact with the oxygen present in the water, no latency or reactivation time.

START UP allows you to quickly introduce your first inhabitants into your new aquarium:

  • after 4 hours for freshwater aquarium
  • after 12 hours for a seawater aquarium

Favor the most robust species and limit their number.

BIODIGEST START is composed of natural nitrifying, denitrifying and facultative bacterial strains selected for their ability to very quickly initiate the nitrogen cycle and therefore to transform ammonia into nitrites, nitrites into nitrates and nitrates into nitrogen.

These bacteria work as a team, with each strain finishing the work started by others.

STOP AMMO START is a product based on specific plant extracts whose main property allows it to trap nitrogen from ammonia and transform it into harmless compounds.

  • After 4 hours in freshwater
  • After 12 hours in marine water

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Available Sizes:

Nano 02 (x2 vials) - treats 0 - 60 litres

Nano 04 (x4 vials) - treats 61 - 120 litres

Standard 06 (x6 vials) - treats 121 - 180 litres

Standard 12 (x12 vials) - treats 181 - 360 litres

Standard 30 (x30 vials) - treats 361 - 1,000 litres

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Nano 02, Nano 04, Standard 06, Standard 12, Standard 30