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Pro Rep Bio Life Forest

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A Premium specialist bioactive substrate suitable for maintaining living plants in forest environment terrariums

Bio active substrates are designed to allow the maintenance of living ecosystems inside the terrarium. ProRep Bio-Life substrate is carefully blended from a mixture of ingredients to provide the optimum combination of structure, PH and nutrient content which allows vigorous root development for living plants and a suitable habitat for commensal organisms such as springtails and woodlice.

The incorporation of aquatic areas and waterfalls not only adds to the beauty of the terrarium it also creates another dimension of interest, turning a terrarium from a functional home for an animal into a display that enhances any living room.

ProRep Bio-Life forest substrate is best used inside glass or plastic terrariums as wood vivariums may be damaged by the moisture held in the substrate.

To prevent the substrate becoming waterlogged it is important that adequate drainage is provided. The best material to use are expanded clay balls which will hold water, while allowing oxygen to penetrate. Their large surface area also provides a habitat for millions of beneficial bacteria which are an essential part of the living terrarium ecosystem.

Size: 10 litres