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Pre-Packed Live Locusts


Pre-Packed Live Locusts

These pre-packed live Locusts come in a variety of sizes depending on your exotic pet, ranging from medium size to extra large size. They are a main staple for many reptile and amphibian diets. 

Locusts are easy to catch, full of nutrients and easily digestible, making them the perfect regular feed for many pets including lizards, geckos, frogs, fish and insectivorous invertebrates. They are also protein filled which is beneficial for egg-laying lizards.

Live locusts are slow-moving which makes them the perfect choice for slower reptiles, older pets or those with movement problems. 

Locusts are the king of live foods and the most popular choice for reptile keepers in the UK. They are far more visually attractive than crickets, don't escape quite so easily and make much less noise. Easy to keep alive by offering them a small enclosure and feeding them bran every couple of days or porridge oats for medium to large locusts.

We recommend that you give your locusts vegetables and fruit 24 hours before feeding them to the lizard to gut load them with all the right nutrients contained in the vegetables.

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