Pre-Packed Live Locusts

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These pre-packed live Locusts come in a variety of sizes depending on your exotic pet, ranging from medium size to extra large size. They are a main staple for many reptile and amphibian diets. 

Locusts are easy to catch, full of nutrients and easily digestible, making them the perfect daily feed for many pets including lizards, geckos, frogs, fish and insectivorous invertebrates. They are also protein filled which is beneficial for egg-laying lizards.

Live locusts are slow-moving which makes them the perfect choice for slower reptiles, older pets or those with movement problems. 

Make sure your live food is gut loaded with supplements so they give your reptiles as much nutrition as possible!

You’ll also need to feed and hydrate them too to keep them healthy and make them last longer!

These locusts are available in the following sizes:

  • Small Pack – Approx. 30 Locusts (Contact us to order as this size must be pre-ordered)
  • Medium pack – Approx 20 locusts
  • Large pack – Approx 16 locusts
  • Extra large pack – Approx 11 locusts
  • Adult size – Approx 5 (Contact us to order as this size must be pre-ordered)
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