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Oase Scaperline Soil


  • ACTIVE SOIL: The active soil influences the water values and adjusts their pH range in a way that is favourable to most aquarium plants. The values may vary depending on the fish species being kept
  • NUTRIENT STORAGE: Active soil can both absorb and release nutrients from the water – the buffer effect is ideal for good plant growth
  • NATURAL-LOOKING GRAIN SIZE: The grain size of our ScaperLine soil is ideal for small, medium-sized and also larger aquascapes and provides good support for the plant roots
  • CLASSIC COLOURS: The aquascaping soils of the OASE ScaperLine are available in the classic substrate colours of black and brown – and are also ideal for creating beautiful colour effects on the substrate
  • PLEASE DO NOT WASH OUT: You do not need to wash out the active soil before using it in your aquascape; it is poured into the aquarium dry and modelled there without the water getting cloudy

Available in black or brown in 3 litre or 9 litre bags

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3 Litre, 9 Litre


Black, Brown