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NT Labs Cristalclear Duckweed Control


NT Labs Cristalclear Duckweed Control deprives duckweed of essential nutrients and inhibits the growth of algae. It is easy to use and wildlife friendly & all fish safe! Pond Cristalclear Duckweed Control, controls the unsightly spread of duckweed in pond water. It works by reducing the duckweeds natural food source thus eliminating future growth and helping to keep your pond water free from duckweed. Use Duckweed Control regularly for a cleaner pond. it is best used throughout the year and especially early spring onwards to keep the nutrient level low from breakdown of plants and leaves over winter – this leads to a cleaner pond too!

Available Sizes:

250ml - treats 4550 litres

500ml - treats 9100 litres

1 Litre - treats 18200 litres

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1 Litre, 250ml, 500ml


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