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Large Sponge Filter PK220

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Large Sponge Filter PK220

An ideal filter when keeping Shrimp or raising young. A quick and effective filter that is easy to clean and modular so that you can extend. Requires an air pump (not included).

Sponge filters offer mechanical and biological filtration at the same time whilst also providing the aquarium with aeration. The fine, dense sponge protects small fish and shrimp from being sucked into the filtration unit and also trap debris and waste suspended in the water column. The ribbing in the sponges increases surface area for bacteria to colonise as well as trapping debris suspended in the water column, making this a very efficient system to run.

It does require an air pump, but not an air stone. Simply connect the sponge filter to the air pump with an  air line and provide your aquarium with filtration and air at the same time. Clean weekly by simply squeezing the sponge in some water from your aquarium.

Approximate dimensions: 13cm high x 8.5cm diameter (sponge height - 9.5cm)

If you require any advice on this Large Sponge Filter or whether it's the right filter for your aquarium, please contact us and a member of our friendly Store team will be able to answer all your questions.