Kusuri Bio Balance KH/PH Buffer

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Kusuri Biobalance is a natural mineral powder that will raise carbonate alkalinity (KH), raise pH and assist in stabilising pH swings. Biobalance is a high grade pure carbonate with essential elements and dosed on a weekly basis will improve your water quality. Once you have the desired KH level re-dose weekly. If trickling water in and out, regular KH tests will be required to maintain the desired KH level.

Carbonate hardness can become depleted because both the fish and filter bacteria require Calcium Carbonate and Salts to thrive. In soft water areas ponds can be prone to pH crashes due to low levels of carbonate alkalinity (KH).

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As a KH & pH buffer: Use 25 grams per 1000 gallons of water daily, until the desired KH or pH is reached.

Once you have the desired KH or pH level re-dose weekly.

Kusuri Biobalance will cloud water for a few hours after application.

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